Game night review

The review

Well this one was a spare of the moment kind of films, I didn’t even see the trailer to before we went into the film but surprising it was really good!

Rachel Mcadams and Jason Bateman are comedy gold together! Their personality are great together you would think they are a real life couple. Lamorne Morris from new girl is so funny in this, I’ve never seen him in a film before but he was so good.

It’s about a group of couples that’s have game night once a week but when Jason Bateman character brother turns up out of the blue their game night takes a different turn. They all get intived to play game night at his brother house thats when a game goes horrible wrong and one of them ends up getting kidnapped, not spoiling to much as this film got loads of twists, the game doesn’t end up how you think it would. Throughout the film its got loads of comedy and it really is a laugh out loud kind of film.

I would give this film a…

5 stars


The greatest showman review!

The review

Well what can I say about this film then amazing! The songs are amazing, the acting is amazing and the set is amazing!

As a big fan of musicals I was already going into the film knowing I was going to love it but when I came out I don’t think I thought it would be as good as it was. I’m a big fan of Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron and no suripse they brought their characters to life, You seen this man come from nothing to something and the whole way through the film you felt for him and was cheering him on, I love a real story, this was base on true events but you get a understanding of how the circus started about and the love behind a circus.

The film about a poor man who falls in love with a woman who is from a very rich family they run off together and start a family. He does his 9-5 job but one day lose his job then comes up with the idea of a circus. He found all these people who kept getting doors shut in theirs faces because they are different and gives them all a job in his circus because there nothing wrong with being different it beautiful.

As his circus get bigger he needs someone to help him with money that’s when Zac Efron comes into it he from a very rich background and finally helps Hugh Jackman character with the money his needs to take off his circus.

Zac Efron character falls for unlikely person who played by Zendaya and starts their own love story. Zendaya is brilliant, I’ve never seen her in anything else before this but her input into the character is brilliant you really feel for her character.


The music was inspiring and powerful with one or two songs bringing tears to my eyes. Some songs made you want to get up and dance. With other some making you want for fall in love, I love the soundtrack can’t stop listening to it which means it must be a good soundtrack!

This film is a brillant I would give this film a….

5 stars